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About the Application Process

After the fee is received, you will be sent a comprehensive application packet. The package will contain the application, written and oral study guides, the Certification Training Manual and the powerpoint material. When your application has been returned, and you have been deemed eligible for the NBFE credential, you will given ample time to study for the written examination. When you feel prepared, an examintion date will be scheduled.The written examination provides a structure to assess the depth and breadth of the candidate's forensic knowledge. Afther successully completing the written examiation, you will be expected to submit 2 practice evaluation samples within 90 days. The oral examination chair will schedule a time and date for you to defend the sample evalution. The combined practice sample review and oral examination concludes the credentialing process. The Board reserves the right to change its schedule of fees at any time during the course of candidacy.

Fee Cancellation Process: Fees are non-refundable.  However, if the candidate is determined to be ineligible, he/she will be provided the opportunity to make up any deficiencies and continue in the credentialing process.  (Updated 05/22/2011)




NBFE Forensic Mental Health Evaluators Certification: $715.00





Advanced Child Custody Certification Training for CFMHE Only: $500.00

The cost for this course includes the prerequisite Child Custody Evaluators Certification Program Training Manual and Shipping and a 3%conveinince fee for Paypal service.

Child Custody Certification Training for CFMHE Only: $265.00

The cost for this course excludes the prerequisite Child Custody Evalutors Certification Program Training Manual. It is assumed that the Candidate has previously been deemed eligilble by obtaining a succesful score. The cost inlucdes a conveinince fee of 3% for Paypal service.

Training or Purchase Not Specified: NOTE: There is a 3% convenience fee for this service