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NBFE was initially established in 2003 to enhance skills of licensed mental health professionals and forensic counselors, otherwise not effectively trained, or recognized by the public or private sector, as well as by the legal or mental health field. Eligible candidates will be professionally recognized and nationally credentialed with NBFE certification. In 2009 NBFE became a not-for-profit charitable corporation.
NBFE was established to promote and serve the continuing education needs of licensed mental health professionals and forensic counselors nationally. Additionally, NBFE serves families of difficult children by providing specialized treatment plans. This is accomplished through a professional team approach used to assess and diagnose attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, autism, disruptive behaviors, oppositional defiant disorders, and various other problematic child behavioral issues.
Forensic mental health evaluations have historically been under the dominion of psychiatrists and psychologists. The American Board of Forensic Psychology, established in 1978, restricts its membership candidates to doctoral degrees in psychology accredited by APA, CPA, or doctoral programs meeting designated criteria specific to psychologists.
Similarly, in order to become a forensic psychiatrist, one must first be a board certified psychiatrist, successfully graduate from medical school, perform an internship of one-year, and meet other closely related regulations that are designated criteria specific to psychiatry.

Dr. Hoffman quickly learned that, although he possessed years of experience and highly credible training in the court arena, he had to deal with the historic truth; the court placed little weight on those outside of being a psychologist or psychiatrist. Historically, only two mental health professions, psychiatry and psychology, were considered by the legal and mental health field, qualified to perform forensic mental health evaluations.

After years of facing the scrutiny of Voir Dire *, Dr. Hoffman took on his greatest challenge creating a credible-evidentiary based process, training and certifying eligible licensed professional counselors to testify in court as experts. 

There are over two-hundred thousand, licensed, (non-psychiatrists --psychologists) mental health professionals in the United States. Many of whom are looking towards obtaining specialized certification training and stature in providing forensic mental health evaluations, and expert court testimony. Therefore, it became necessary to develop a credible and professionally recognized training/certification process for licensed mental health professionals.  Thus, NBFE was created.

 *It is a hearing to determine the admissibility of evidence, or the competency of a witness.

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