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Certification Testimonials

"Having achieved the CFMHE certification has enabled me to significantly expand my practice by expanding the number of services I can provide.  I do competency to proceed to trial evals, capacity evals, child custody evals, substance abuse and DUI evals and mental health (psychological evals).  Several attorneys now refer to me on a regular basis.  While I believe my writing skills were already very good, adding the knowledge of how to best format them was immensely useful.  I have not hd a single attorney question the quality of my reports.  I have had feedback from several judges that they really like my reports.  I have begun to gain a better reputation statewide.  And having actual board certifications in these specialty areas makes it VERY difficult for an attorney to have me disqualified or impeached on the stand.  In my county the attorneys no longer even try."

--Michael Holler, MA, LMHC, NCC, CCMHC, CFMHE, CCCE, Past-President of Florida Mental Health Counselors Association and Chair of FMHCA's Ethics Committee

"My practice is the intersection of law and mental health. Prior to becoming a Forensic Mental Health Evaluator, I did a lot of reports for attorneys, courts, probation violations, but could never figure out an appropriate fee structure. Using the Forensic Mental Health Evaluation, I now charge 10 times what I use to charge using the FMHE format, title, and scientific structure of the Evaluation. I no longer refer to myself as a counselor in legal settings, I now refer to myself as an Evaluator."

-Michael F. Jeffrey, LPC, LMFT, CFMHE, Past President of Virginia Licensed Professional Counselors Association

"Having become a Certified Forensic Mental Health Evaluator, as well as a Certified Child Custody Evaluator has benefited my work in many ways and in different settings.  The NBFE certification training is superb and the guidance throughout and pre-exam period was invaluable to me.  I felt really "ready to go" upon certification, but my supervisors and teachers were, and are, always available for consults as needed. In my position as director of a Child Advocacy Center, I have been able to provide guidance to Child Protection Services agencies so that their interventions proceed without further traumatization and the cases can proceed to Court.  Physicians, Social Workers and other professionals rely on my expertise in these cases and I have testified as expert witness.  As a result, Family Courts request my services for forensic evaluations.  In addition, attorneys request my review of forensic evaluations of other professionals.  My rigorous NBFE training has supported me greatly in these endeavors.  In my private practice, I am often called to evaluate families in child custody cases and, again, my training and consults with teachers--now colleagues--as I need them guide my work.  This added specialty has increased my income significantly.  As a CFMHE through NBFE, I have great continuing education opportunities.  The presenters are clearly carefully chosen and we all benefit immensely from these conferences.  They are all generous with their knowledge and expertise and share cases they have worked on.  There are also opportunities for NBFE members to present on their area of expertise either at conferences or online live meetings.  An important benefit of my affiliation with NBFE is the reminder that, as forensic evaluators we have the responsibility to provide accurate, ethical reports that will assist those in charge to make thoughtful and appropriate decisions about issues that affect families lives."

-Satya B. Laren, Ph.D., CFMHE, CCCE, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai, New York

"This credential has helped me to have more credibility on the witness stand and avoid being misunderstood when giving testimony. I'm preparing to change jobs where I'll be able to use the certification to its fullest potential and obtain referrals for evaluations as well as see clients. I'm hopeful this will be a lucrative business and am looking forward to continuing to learn more about forensic work."

--Marissa L. Jordan, LPCC, CCTP, CFMHE of Cornerstone Counseling

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