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Diagnostic Screening Inventory for Children & Adolescents

  • 01 Jan 2016
  • 31 Dec 2029
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Diagnostic Screening Inventory for Children & Adults


DSICA v.3 is an easily used screening tool that collates diagnostic categories according to the new DSM-5 It is especially useful in delineating symptoms from behavioral characteristics in children and adolescents who may be suspected of cluster of symptomatic criteria listed in DSM-5. Proper diagnoses therefore, requires specific clinical data to accurately deferentially diagnose the condition presented to the clinician.

The DSICA has 206 questions that can be answered on the computer.  Results of the DSICA-v.3 are computer generated and collated in a clinical format that allows the clinician, client/patient and informant to assess a clear picture of the client's/patient's presence of any psychopathology as it is related to the diagnostic criteria in the DSM-V.  The results clearly delineate psychiatric/psychological symptoms from manifest behavioral or characterological traits.


You must provide at least a "B" Level eligibility to purchase this assessment tool. Upon proof of eligibility, you may purchase the license for 10 or 20 uses. You will receive the DSICA via your email.

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